Lizard Kings .app NFT Art Tokens
Lizard Kings .app NFT Art Tokens


Lizard Kings

Retro 8Bits NFT Art & Game Tokens of Lizard Kings

Created by SOLLOG & 8Bits Studio

SOLLOG is a Listed Artist in Museums


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Lizard Kings Game is in Development

By 8Bits Studio & Adoni Studio

Creators of NFT Games

Gods & Demons

Museum Crypto


Behold the Lizard Kings

That made Millions of Humans Swoon 


The Top Lizard Kings the Past 100 Years

From Film & Music


Lizard King 001 – Lizard King

Lizard King 002 – Johnny

Lizard King 003 – Jimmy

Lizard King 004 – Rudy

Lizard King 005 – Clark

Lizard King 006 – Marlon

Lizard King 007 – El

Lizard King 008 – Paul

Lizard King 009 – Bobby

Lizard King 010 – George

Lizard King 011 – Brad

Lizard King 012 – Leonardo


1/1 Art Tokens Series 

The Rarest NFT Art Tokens in History

Only 12 Lizard Kings Minted in 1/1 Scarcity

12 – 1/1 (12)  Sold Out


1000 Series now in Release

Special Powers in NFT Game

Buy on  Opensea or fracti


Game Release Common Tokens

Coming Soon



8Bits Studio
8Bits Studio